Getting started into mobility, adapting what you know and putting it into action.

Here’s your time to shine. You know your workouts well, you’ve been working on mobility for sometime now. And yet, you want to find someone who isn’t holding back all the hot tips around mobility.

You’ve come to the right place.

Much like what was said over in Technical, a program may help you progress into the next step. From what I recall, Pilates had shown a different variation of mobility that I wasn’t aware of at the time. I haven’t shared this with my peers. Their thoughts around “mastering” Pilates. I will admit though, there is an instructor who teaches Pilates and yoga, and on top of that he performs some of the mobility routines in your lifestyle.

It’s interesting and if you get the chance to work on some of these exercises, leave us a comment below. I will add something to the end of this article in a moment.

Right now, FrankRolls wants to get a feel for what you look for, after committing 2+ years of working out, attending Spartan races, marathons… this is hardship on your muscles. Even David Goggins has mentioned this himself, that he had to start stretching because of the injuries he would get from all those Ultra Marathons he’s ran.

Oh, you don’t know what an Ultra Marathon is? That’s 100 miles of running we’re talking about. This man, ex-Navy Seal, has ran quite a few. I believe he’s done 50….. or 100 if I’m not mistaken. Check out David Goggin’s book – Can’t Hurt Me. I highly recommend the book.

Back to the real deal behind mobility. This was an example of what it means to take your body past it’s limits. To keep up the same routine and create a habit out of it. We’re here to help you out.

Pistol Squats

I swear…. after a couple of L-sits in the morning, your pistol squats turn into a serious stretch workout here. My morning routine has changed over the past months. I’m here to help you get into the morning groove.

What we recommend, if you’re performing powerlifting exercises or bodybuilding exercises, check out Kit Laughlin’s content. He is absolutely great for Pilates and flexibility.

Improvise! Don’t leave yourself in the backburner if you’re not improvising the kind of routine you could have every week! Based on this program, it depends on variation. You want to change up your routine because one part may be affecting you more than the other. If you haven’t started with your daily mobility routine at all, I recommend one exercise, 30 seconds-5 minutes for 21 days. Maintain that consistency and then come back to this program to see if it’s right for you.

When you create variation in your lifestyle, you add awareness into your fitness goals. That allows you to change whatever that may come to mind, in terms of a certain goal for swim time, or amount of reps for bodyweight, a sprint, a new PR or max rep. You place your body into this mindset and you’ll want it even more. You’ll become, somewhat, obsessed with what you hope to achieve, as your goal.

One small caveat though, don’t stop yourself from going out on dates or spending time with friends! Allow some free time for personal needs, and then go on to your goals.

The same thing goes for bulking up, and cutting for competition. Many authors say this to people from time to time, to avoid this and that, without ever mentioning that person’s personal life. Create a plan if it helps! We won’t discuss any details around bulking up or cutting down on here though.

Here’s an exercise doc you can refer to.

(download – stay tuned!)