At NZ Manufacturing, one of the most rewarding parts of running a company that provides high quality resistance equipment to our clients is seeing the amazing stories that trainers have had with our equipment. Willie Caldwell is an especially amazing case of someone who has taken our resistance cords combined with some additional fitness equipment that he’s designed himself over the years to produce something that’s truly amazing for individuals who likely wouldn’t have an opportunity to workout otherwise.

Who is Willie Caldwell?

Willie Caldwell is the founder and owner of Mobility Fitness Institute in Tucson, AZ. Mobility Fitness Institute is a fitness facility that was founded in 2006 and offers a revolutionary spinal cord recovery program for individuals who may have some type of disability that prevents them from working out properly.

Custom Approach to Fitness Training

While the Mobility Fitness Institute first started as a program to work with those with spinal injuries – typically paraplegics or quadriplegics, it’s now expanded to adapt to working with anyone with a disability. Their program is literally adaptable to a wide range of individuals including those dealing with everything from a spinal cord injury to autism.

Willie and his team truly believe that with the right equipment, strength training is possible for everyone.

How Did the Mobility Fitness Institute Evolve Into What it is Today?

Willie started out as a personal trainer working in a private studio until one day a paraplegic came through his doors looking for training options. Willie couldn’t work out with this client aside from doing basic stretches and exercises, which sparked an idea to design a piece of equipment that could enable individuals with disabilities to work out just like anyone else would in a gym.

This patented product is called the Multitrainer, and it allows trainers to work with someone in a wheelchair, scooter, seated bench, or any other position. The client never needs to be transferred if they’re in a wheelchair, or scooter, and trainers are able to perform 200 different movements from one location. This helps to make training much more efficient and faster.

NZ Manufacturing Resistance Training Equipment Integral to the Success of the Multitrainer

Since 2006, Willie and his team have been working with NZ Manufacturing to provide high quality resistance cords for his patented Multitrainer equipment. This has allowed his team to offer individuals with disabilities the same opportunities that the general population has in terms of being able to build strength and perform tasks that may have seemed impossible just a short time ago.

At NZ Manufacturing, we’re extremely proud of Willie Caldwell and his team at the Mobility Fitness Institute. Not only is he helping individuals get into better shape, but he’s focusing on a segment of the population that’s often underserved when it comes to fitness facilities. We’re extremely proud of Willie and are honored that he continues to choose NZ Manufacturing for all of his resistance training equipment.

To learn more about Willie and his team feel free to check out their page on Facebook for some truly inspiring stories.

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