Massage And Body

Treating yourself is critical for a healthy body, mind, and soul. Our techniques evolved from the world’s richest healing traditions using products with only the finest ingredients. Relax with a massage or body service brought to you by Red Flower, Eminence Organic Skin Care, and Skin Authority.

Swedish Massage* — 50/80 Minutes — $115/$165
Unwind your body and mind with a gentle relaxing full body massage.

Sore Muscle Deep Tissue Massage* — 50/80 Minutes — $135/$185
Our deep pressure massage is beneficial in releasing chronic tension, reducing soreness, and loosening tight muscles.

Vitamin D Massage Enhancement — $15

Skin Authority’s topical Vitamin D is Vitamin rich including D, A, E and K. The topical elixir helps revitalize dull looking skin and reduces breakouts and irritations. It also reduces inflammation and redness leaving you with an illuminated glow.

*Can be added to a Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage

Arnica and Warm Towel Massage — 50/80 Minutes — $140/$195
Your sinuses open to a steaming bowl of hot water and eucalyptus oil as this firm therapeutic massage penetrates your tight muscles.  Hot towels and heat packs will be applied as Arnica Oil is massaged into your body, reducing inflammation and creating all-natural pain relief.  As a special treat for your tired feet, our Mighty Mint Rescue Cream stimulates circulation and calms strained muscles.

Indigo Custom Massage — 50/80 Minutes — $150/$195
Whether you are in need of deep tissue work or just to relax, this service is perfect for you. Choose one of our natural therapeutic oils and your therapist will customize your massage to suit your individual needs. To assist with healing, this services includes a cool smooth crystal amethyst face massage.

Oil Options/ Benefits
French Lavender – promotes relaxation, helps with insomnia and anxiety, relieves burned or irritated skin
Ocean – opens lungs, reduces inflammation and soreness, provides a cooling effect
Cardamom Amber – warming, penetrates deeply into sore muscles
Essential Omega Fresh Berry – boosts hydration, high in omegas, promotes healing
Arnica – All natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory, reduces bruising
Apricot – Highly hydrating and moisturizing, anti-aging, tightening, firming & assists with decreasing the appearance of stretch marks
Unscented – For those with allergies, this is a nut free, unscented oil

Warm Stone Massage — 50/80 Minutes — $150/$200
Warm stones and cardamom amber oil are used to melt away tension and loosen stiff muscles.

Couples Massage — 50/80 Minutes — Price Varies
Pick your favorite massage and enjoy being pampered with a loved one by your side.
*Massages must be the same length of time

Naturally Slimming Ritual — 80/110 Minutes — $220/$275
Reveal truly healthy, toned and youthful skin in this Red Flower body ritual! Start with a vigorous exfoliation of coffee, olive stone, and lemon which helps tone and contour to reduce the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins. Next, a lymphatic masque is applied, designed to reduce water retention and increase lymph flow. While your skin is absorbing the masque, enjoy a scalp and acupressure facial massage. Wash off your masque in a warm shower and finish with a full body massage.

Healing Ocean Escape — 80/110 Minutes — $185/$230
Awaken the senses, open your lungs and inhale the East Coast air in this Red Flower body ritual that exfoliates, hydrates and releases muscle tension. Begin with a sea mineral salt exfoliation to smooth skin, followed by a soothing lymphatic masque. After a warm shower, eucalyptus oils and a cooling ocean lotion complete your full body massage.

Nature Ritual — 80/110 Minutes — $185/$230
During this Red Flower body treatment, your skin is nourished and purified with a bioactive berry white peat exfoliate. A lymphatic masque is applied followed by an ionizing mist to help tone and revitalize. After a warm shower, this ritual closes with a full body massage using essential fresh berry oil serum and an application of Arctic Cloudberry Cream to promote youthful skin.

Soul to Sole Ritual — 80 Minutes — $220
Drift to sleep with our Skin Authority luxurious body and face experience. A body exfoliation, conditioning hair treatment, soothing foot ritual and relaxing mini facial will hydrate and nourish while firming and toning your skin. You will leave feeling better from the inside out.

Lymphatic Wrap — 50 Minutes — $140
Start with a warm shower using our yuzu mimosa sea algae wash to help hydrate and calm your skin. Next, enjoy a soothing full body wrap that will profoundly nourish and repair dry and damaged skin, and assists with lymphatic flow. Finish with a cooling application of our Ocean Lotion. This Red Flower service is great for reducing and healing a sunburn.

Farmers Market Organic Body Service — 50 Minutes — $130
Using our Eminence Organic Skin Care, we offer a new organic body service with each season! Ask an Indigo Spa associate what is being offered during your visit!


Customize your spa experience by combining two or more services below, or use as an add-on to enhance your massage, body, or facial service.

Scalp and Neck Massage — 25 Minutes — $55
Relax the mind, encourage circulation and reduce stress. Can be added to any massage, body or face service.

Foot Treatment — 25 Minutes — $60
A soothing and exfoliating sugar scrub along with reflexology, a natural healing art that incorporates the use of pressure on specific reflex points in the feet, is used in this foot treatment. Both relaxing and therapeutic, this service promotes wellness and is a great addition to your massage, facial or pedicure!

Fit & Firm Express Facial — 20 Minutes — $75
Mimicking our 50 minute transformational facial, this compressed treatment will resurface and remove dead skin layers to minimize lines, reduce breakouts, and brighten skin. Your skin is left feeling smoother and more youthful, with a clear, healthy appearance.

Back Facial — 20 Minutes — $75
Our back facial exfoliates dead, dry skin cells and removes excess oil. Skin Authority Glycolic Resurfacer will work deep into the skin to cleanse and disinfect congested pores to help prevent future breakouts and oil buildup.

Our Signature Services & Rituals, specifically designed for The Indigo®, were created to assist in healing and deep relaxation. Choose one of our signature services for an experience exclusive to our guests.


Customize your spa experience by combining two or more services below, or use as an add-on to enhance your massage, body, or facial service.

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