If you are like many people over thirty, and have a desk job, you may find that you are losing some mobility and flexibility.

For a golfer, those are two difficult issues to overcome if you have not trained much as an athlete.

One way I’ve mentioned in the past to improve athleticism and mobility is to train in the martial arts, or do some yoga.

Unfortunately, if you are an avid golfer, you have to make a choice… play golf, or work out.  Most golfers will chose golf!  It’s the game we love, so of course.

However, that means we may not be keeping ourselves in the condition we need to be in to play at a decent level as we age.

With that in mind, I did a search on the internet to find some sort of quick exercise that could help golfers improve their athleticism and mobility without spending hours in the gym or in a dojo.

I found a very cool exercise called the Thoracic Bridge, and I’ve been doing this myself several times each week to help regain some lost flexibility in my hips and back.

You can learn how to do this exercise here… Thoracic Bridge.

This exercise is very helpful to golfers as it works on the entire body… legs, back, hips, core and upper body.

If you are a golfer that has difficulty maintaining your spine angle in the golf swing, then you’ll find this exercise to be quite helpful.

You can learn how to perform this exercise here… The 30 second Mobility Cure.

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