Jill Miller is an integrated teacher, trainer, and Roll Model method practitioner. She’s the creator of Yoga Tune Up, a form of corrective exercised geared towards helping people who experience all sorts of pain throughout their body on a daily basis. She started this type of exercise when she saw people breaking down, unable to understand how their body works in the context of movement.

Today, Jill tells us how she developed eating disorders throughout her school life, what jump started her interest in getting fit and healthy, the people behind her current mindset towards wellness, and the beginnings of Yoga Tune Up.

“Looking better in your body is a byproduct of you being at peace with yourself and be willing to play.” Jill Miller

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Jill was never the girl who moves a lot when she was a kid. She was overweight and had become aware of it when she was 11. She lost weight but became anorexic and then bulimic until junior college.
  • Her mindset changed when she went to a shiatsu school and when she met Glenn Black, a human movement teacher and body worker.
  • She defines self-care as being aware of how you treat yourself and your body.
  • Anorexia and bulimia are the leading cause of death for teenage women.
  • She doesn’t teach aesthetic-based fitness but body sense-based fitness.
  • There are these blind spots we tunnel over thru training or lifestyle that could hold the key to improving performance, getting better sleep, and just overall fixing the way our body responds to everyday stimuli.
  • The fascia is basically comprised of different fibers and fluids. It is the body’s wetsuit as it helps bind muscles together.

Key Takeaways:

  • Live better in your body, not look better in your body.
  • People are in pain. Nobody doesn’t have some little compliant and that little complaint can be rewired, reframed, and re-experience so there is no feedback in the pain sector of their body.
  • When you want to know more about your anatomy, you either want to improve performance or you got busted and something hurts.

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