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Workout equipment as electronics.

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Price: $30 — $3450
  • $55.00 $42.99

    A ball, built for mobility, training, and relaxation. Take it anywhere you go. In your bookback, pocket, or even on the plane when you need to feel more comfortable from tense seating arrangements. Here at FrankRolls’, we’re proud to present to you the 4-speed massage ball. Built with a rechargable battery, 4 variations of speed, ranging from a continuous hum to a pulse hum.

  • $150.00 $105.00

    Ever wondered how deep muscle soreness goes after a rough 2-hour workout? This cordless massage gun provides 3 speeds. One ( value ), ( value ), and ( value ). You can take this massage gun with you anywhere you want. Without restrictions of any kind. No cable to trip over and this gun lasts for ( time ) after it’s been fully charged. Here at FrankRolls, our fitness massage products will take care of your needs through your workout routine. Try this cordless massage gun today while supplies last.

    If you want to find some of our mobility routines, you can go and visit our Youtube channel and blog to find great routines to work off of. This will give you guidance around using our products. Giving you a fit, flexible, fun lifestyle throughout your day.

    FrankRolls provides 4 interchangable* heads to use on this massage gun. Creating different variations for your needs. One is the bullet point, a head that directs all the vibration at one source, pinpointing the sore feeling and rubbing it away with one of FrankRolls’ three variation speeds. The fork spin creates a gap for your limbs, helping them from both sides, without ever having to change position. The flat head is comfortable for all parts throughout the body. Allowing you to push out sore areas in your body. The round head moves like a vibrating ball, bouncing off your glutes, down to your feet.

  • $78.99 $59.99

    Shaped like a peanut, this shape is capable of bringing the muscles around your spine to life. Loosing up all the knots that run from the middle to the top of your spine. You can even target pain spots on your lower back by rolling side-to-side with the lacrosse ball! Check out our blog for more information on how you’d be able to target these spots with ease.