NEW Professional Yoga Bungee Complete Set


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This set-up comes with a Swivel so that you can hop and spin.
Included Extension Straps (daisy chains) can be used to mount to an exposed structural beam or weight bearing piping; professional installation recommended.
Each Bungee Fitness Set Contains:
1 Bungee Cord: 110cm
1 Daisy Chain: 105cm
3 Carabiners (2 pre-installed)
1 Padded Safety Belt Harness (Wide leg for comfort and safety)
1 Swivel Rotational Device (Rotates 360° so you can spin! SET 1 , SET 2)
1 Ceiling X-Mount (SET 1 , SET 3 )
The minimum ceiling height recommended for bungee fitness is 8-feet – the sets are intended to be used in ceilings 8-10 feet tall. If you have higher ceilings, we have longer daisy chains available separately to extend the length. Please note that the equipment included works in ceiling heights up to 10 feet tall. Taller ceilings will need our extra long daisy chains available here or other rigging options to make up for the height.
Please note that we have two Harness Sizes. Orders for the Small and Medium Complete Bungee Sets will receive the Regular Harness by default. Orders for Large Complete Bungee Sets will receive the XL Harness by default.

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