Wooden Foot Arch Stretcher – Made for Classical Ballet and Dancers

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Product parameters:
Color: natural wood, red, black
Material: rubber
Name: Ballet rubber sleeve, tension belt, foam gasket
Gender: Female, male
Suitable for: ballet

Product Description:
Rubber mat Instructions:
Step 1: Place the rubber band on the instep device and roll it into a roll.
Step 2: Place your foot on the intensifier on the toe and stretch as far as possible to the rubber ring.
Step 3: Flatten the rubber ring and cover the instep.
Step 4: Try to straighten your legs, feel the pressure, and gradually increase the strength until the feet are fully extended.

Pull band Instructions:
1. Used to tie the leg to the instep.
2. Can be used to press the instep, exercise the ankle power, and also exercise the shoulder opening.
3. Can effectively improve muscle strength, physical activity and flexibility.

Elastic foot cover Instructions:
1. Fixed toe.
2. Use environmentally friendly natural rubber in high-density elastic modulation has moderate thickness and is more suitable for balanced wrap toe on the instep to achieve a highly efficient flexible instep.


Packing List
Ballet rubber cover *1
Pull band *1
Foam pad *2

Foot Stretcher for Ballet Dance​ *1

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Comprehensive Fitness Exercise

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Ballet Foot Stretch

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Ballet Foot Stretcher


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Ballet Foot Stretch


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