A Feel for what Mobility means and what you can do to get yourself straight into action.

A clean and simple routine you can start out for yourself. Today, we’re here to give you some direction.

Out of all the difficulties available here in FrankRolls, you have come to the right place. The hardest part about getting into a mobility routine is getting over the 21-day consistency. Sure, you could add this to your workout routine because all the exercises you have, are laid out for you. But the thought of having a habit around mobility in the mornings, makes it comfortable in getting your day started right.

The Morning Routine

The accomplishment of having it done every morning will feel good. Believe me when I say this! Not many people can say that they run every morning, perform a short session of yoga, meditate 20 minutes or so, every morning. This is definitely a next level for you! And we’re here to help you make it happen. Here is an example of the Burmese pose. I used to perform this pose in the morning because it allowed me to drop my legs flat on the floor. Crossing your legs is uncomfortable when you are meditating. Especially when your foot gets numb. I highly recommend anyone who is starting out with meditation, to try this out in their routine.

Burmese Pose

Make sure you place a cushion behind your tailbone as this helps provide the support you want in performing the burmese pose. You reduce less pain and stress on your knees. In this state, you become less aware of your body movements as your legs are comfortably set on the floor. Try it out for 3 minutes. Relax. Breathe in and out. Count 3 seconds in your mind. Enter into meditation.

I have done this pose in the mornings, maintaining an empty state of mind for up to 25 minutes. At times, I wanted to go even longer. I try to think of absolutely nothing while I am in this state. I start in this position, with my eyes closed, and count up to 3 or 5 – in thought.

Mobility Accessories

Here is one example of a mobility exercise. If you wrap your arms around you and take in a deep breath, you can target your upper back muscles really well with a foam roller. The foam roller is dominating the majority of all back mobility exercises. With the lower back and upper back, you can roll on the sides or on the top, depending on what your needs are like on that day.

Foam Rolling Exercise

Enter, the lacrosse ball. This is a step up from the foam roller as it is much harder on your muscles. The lacrosse ball may deliver some pain. It’s tougher and it’s not forgiving at all. Once you put that on your yoga mat to roll on, man, it’s going to be painful! And yet…. the rewards outweigh the risks. Even on the tight muscles. You can also use the peanut lacrosse ball to your advantage. It acts as a foam roller but avoids your spine. Do not use a single lacrosse ball on your spine.

Lacrosse Ball Glute Release Exercise

These two are a great resource in getting yourself started in what you aim to do best. Stay tuned for more exercise routines after this.

Below this article, we’ve provided a downloadable pdf to help you get started with certain exercises. Give them a try and let us know how it goes.

Your goal as a starter is to work on the 21-day habit, most likely in the mornings before work.