If you are like most of us you spend a lot of time sitting at your job, in traffic or on your couch. 

There has been talk about the deep squat sit being a healthy measure of balance in the lower extremities. 

Meaning as humans we should all be able to have enough ROM in our joints from the feet up to be able to hold a healthy deep squat position. 

If you can’t get into a fairly comfortable position in the squat then this video may be something you want to look into. 

When it comes to low back pain relief I am strong believe in making sure that the rest of the body is able to do basic movement and stability exercises to ensure that one area isn’t compensating for another. 

In this case the lack of hip mobility can and will impact the low backs job. 

I personally do not use the deep squat sit to just sit unless the activity I am doing will allow me to do it and still be effective at whatever I am doing. 

So for me (and most other normal people I would guess) we will need to bake this position into our weekly body maintenance schedule. 

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