Identifying the muscle specific categories, you need to bring yourself onboard.

When it comes down to a technical mobility exercise, you want to improve the kind of mobility you’re after. A plan, structured enough to guide you in the proper direction. FrankRolls introduces this guide in assisting customers with their mobility routines.

A personal background of myself… every morning, I would dedicate at least 30minutes or more to perform the mobility routine I was after. I had a stopwatch and yoga mat, got myself started with the cat pose, down dog, and preparing myself for the lotus pose in yoga. At this time, I focus my time on the down dog pose after a daily dose of morning reflection.

You decide the kind of routine you want in your life. However, it takes 21 days to secure the habit you’ve built up to this day.

This is why I encourage customers to get ready for their mobility routines before making any purchases for their workouts.

You may be having a sore foot after a long day standing around at work. Buy a lacrosse ball, roll on it (specific area of your foot). You could even roll on the side of the foam roller to target that area as well.

However, this isn’t what this blog article is about. This blog article is about building a program for you. Following the regime that you aim to do, provided by the article here. You aim to perform a specific exercise, stretch, or gymnastic position.

First you need structure.

This points out an example of what to do, to reach the said mobility routine for your lifestyle. You may change it up to however you want it to be. To target the foot, back, shoulder, lats, quads, hamstrings, wrists, neck.

What’s your mobility routine like? Do you have one? Make a list of your fitness goals. What you sought to achieve. What helps you build your fitness goals?

Shoulder pain is somewhat common amongst people who bench press. To shine some light here, when you work out chest, or push exercises, your shoulders come in. When you work on pull exercises such as pull ups, your shoulders come out. I am a fan of push, pull, legs because of this concept.

There is one exercise out there that helps you with your shoulders. That is the bilateral shoulder flexion!

Yes! This is great to use on sore shoulders. Try it out now!

Below are some suggestions to what products may help with your workout routine.