What better way to appreciate the benefits of doing the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program than to have a deeper understanding of what hip flexors are, their role in our overall health and fitness, and how they can affect our mobility and well-being.

To illustrate simply, you can think of our body as a machine composed of different parts, and our hip flexors are one of those engines that enable us to move and balance when we bend, sit or step, twist, reach, walk, or kick. They’re located at the upper groin area where the pelvis meets the thigh. Athletes such as runners, football players, and martial artists who do lots of fast strides and powerful kicks often experience pain in their hip flexors.unlock your hip flexors review

Apart from athletes, overweight people, those who exhibit bad posture and whose jobs require them to sit behind desks for a long time, and people with sedentary lifestyle are also prone to experiencing complications with their hips, which may also be associated to tight hip flexors and cause bad posture, weakened immune system, difficulty walking, inefficient blood circulation, sleeping and anxiety problems as well as digestive issues.

And so with the objective of promoting optimum health and helping people having flexibility, mobility, and other health-related issues with their hip flexors, the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program was created.

Who authored it?unlock hip flexors

The Program was written by Rick Kaselj & Mike Westerdal, professional fitness trainers. Westerdal has authored a number of top programs for muscle building and packages and was featured on several guides for weight training such as Monster Muscle, REPS, Muscle and Strength and others.

Kaselj practices kinesiology and has more than a decade of experience in exercise & fitness training as well as sports injury. He holds a master’s degree in the field of exercise science and has also coached and guided several professional athletes through prevention of injury as well as injuries themselves.

How does it work?how to unlock hip flexors

Basically, the Program involves combination of exercises intended to optimize the way by which the body employs the hip flexors for improved flexibility and mobility. The toolkit includes exercises to warm up and activate the muscles in preparation for mobility exercises, PNF stretching, dynamic stretching, and more. The Program’s best feature is the exercise sequence carefully and expertly designed to efficiently and effectively maximize calorie burn, muscle building, and strength of the core, and to encourage discipline and positivity.unlock your hip flexors reviews

how to unlock your hip flexorsWhat else comes with the program?

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program comes with a DVD video divided into two parts. The first section is an instructional video where Rick explains and demonstrates the exercises in detail while the second section is the part where you just have to follow what Rick does as he demonstrates the exercises without the explanation.

The package also comes with the sixty (60) day money back guarantee, so it gives a risk-free opportunity try the product. If within 60 days you feel like the Program doesn’t suit you, you can request for a complete refund.

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